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2018/5/11 16:00:19 本站原创 贺学奇 【字体:

Pig industry as ones profession



Question from reporter: Mr David, Hello. I am from Livestock and Fish  Business  Magazine. Weve come to interview today, as your high reputation in international livestock, I wondered if you can tell us about your experience?


Answer :Born in 1942, I grew up and was educated in England.

In 1962, after graduation from England Reading University, I joined the newly formed company Pig Improvement Company. This was the beginning of my 48 years working with pigs. In 1972 I moved to America to introduce modern pig production, genetics and health management to the North American pig industry. I first came to China in 1986; we were the among the first to introduce Western breeds to China, I was a foreign technical consultant for the GuangSanPo Pig Farm, and general manager for Sino-American HUPIC.

In 1994, we started Ya Wei Livestock (Guangzhou) Co. Ltd





Question: right now, An Hui pig industry have introducing AI technology. Whats your opinion on the AI development in Anhui?


Answer: In 2000, YaWei introduced a practical model for applying AI technology to the Chinese pig industry. Since then the use of pig AI in China has expanded rapidly. It has been welcomed by Anhui pig farmers, and brought big economic profit to Anhui pig industry.  Now , many pig farms in Anhui are using this advanced technology, and many are using Ya Wei AI equipment and products.

In 2007, YaWei started its pig health management division. Pig farmers are becoming more aware that disease is the main factor that prevents them from achieving good pig performance and making a profit. Unless we have  healthy pigs we cannot have a profitable pig industry.




Question: whats your most gratified thing?


Answer: I selected the developing China earlier than the others in the same profession which is the most gratification thing I feel. As Deng Xiao Ping said that China wanted to achieve the development in 25 years that had taken the developed western countries more than 100 years to achieve. Time has proved Premier Dengs vision was met, and in many cases, surpassed..

If you ask whats the most regretful thing? Thats my fellow men in the same profession in the Western countries didnt have the foresight to select China earlier. Then the better ones lost their golden development state on their life and business.

For more than 20 years, I have been to almost every part of china, I have seen the great changes in the chinese countryside, and we have been able to develop a successful business. For China, the development of big cities like Shanghai is only half of the real measure of the rapid development of China, is the improvement of the living standards in the countryside that is the true measure of Chinas economic strength. The number of tall buildings cant be the true measurement of development of china.

I am impressed by the simplicity and enthusiasm of the chinese farmers and the big changes of the countryside. I feel at home in the chinese countryside and with the farmers.






Chinese development depending on personal characteristic deveopment



Question: can you give some opinion on the chinese pig development and co-operatives?


Answer: In terms of co-operatives, I think it is a concept that is needed for the pig industry, especially to keep smaller pig farms viable.. Although technology information is advanced for big farms, but it doesnt mean that it has been applied effectively by them. Small farms have some disadvantages such as access to technology, competitive purchasing and preferential markets. But they also have some advantages such as the ability to rapidly put into practice new ideas.

The disadvantages can be offset by small farms joining together in co-operatives. The difficulty is finding a model that will work in China. As a chinese saying: one nun shoulder water, two nun carry water together. Three nun have none water. So the pig business can only be developed as desired through its own characteristic development which will fit its own situation.



Question: youve had more than ten years of business relationship with Anhui pig industry, and its been ranking in the first ten for continuously of 8 years. Id like to get some opinion from you on Anhui pig industry?


Answer: Anhui is a big agriculture province, livestock is one of industries that the government pays attention to. There is great potential for the development of pig industry, and the government pay great attention to it , giving special allowance to the industry. It is for sure that the pig industry can play a big role in changing Anhui from just an agriculture province to a strong agriculture and livestock province. In terms the number of pigs in Anhui, this maybe its not so much as in Shangdong and Henan, but it doesnt mean that the technology is not so advanced. I have strong belief that the Anhui Pig industry has the ability to develop quickly. If good pig health management is put into practice, then Anhui can become a leader in the pig industry.



Question: whats your most gratification thing in your life?


Answer: I started working with pigs 48 years ago. I enjoy it as much today as I did on Day #1.. Look back the history, I think, liking what you do and persistence are the most valuable and important things than anything else.